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One of the popular electoral promises of the present government that came to power in the state is to provide free education from KG to PG. The notorious G.O.No. 6 issued soon after (27-09-2014) talks of norms of staff pattern for rationalization of staff and amalgamation of government schools. Ironically, the G.O. was issued in furtherance of a provision of Right to Education Act, 2009, which was enacted after long to provide free elementary education. So much for the CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEE for free education! The zeal for people’s rights (right to education is foremost) during the agitation for separate state clearly lost its steam. This is nothing but a ploy firstly, to stop recruitment of teacher posts, secondly, to close the schools in the name of low enrolment, and lastly, to allow more and more privatization in the field of education. If the children of the newly formed state do not matter to the government, then who else matter?


  1. Is the RTE Act, 2009 implemented properly? Is it really child empowering legislation?
  2. Are the government schools really serving the purpose in the rural areas?